Husqvarna's Gift Guide

Here you will find some great gift ideas for those who want top performing power products.

240 Chainsaw

Ideal for jobs like pruning, light cutting or hobby work. Easy to start and operate. Equipped with a powerful X-Torq® engine to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Low Vib® technology reduces handle vibration so you work in comfort and Air Injection™ helps remove dust and debris, improving engine life. Available with 14" or 16" bar.

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Powerbox® Carrying Case

This exclusive Husqvarna carrying case is designed to hold your saw and essential cutting accessories such as filing equipment, filing vise, scrench, spare spark plug, 2-cycle oil, bar & chain oil and operator's manual. Fits all Husqvarna saws up to 576 XP. Contents sold separately.

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S2800 Splitting Axe

This innovative axe is designed for splitting larger logs. The non-stick optimized coated axed head allows for a non-friction easy entry into the log. A lightweight stainless steel coated shaft channels all the power into the perfect cut. Also available: Universal Axe model A1400 for construction or forestry work, and Universal Hatchet model H900 for fire wood, garden work and trekking activities.

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100 Series Snow Thrower

Husqvarna's new compact and high-performing single stage snow throwers are ideal for driveways and paths. Easy maneuverability, an innovative remote chute rotator, dual LED lights, a powerful engine and a flexible rubber auger ensures a smooth clearing of delicate surfaces such as paved areas and wooden terraces.

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Husqvarna Power Toys

The younger generation can partake in the backyard upkeep! These battery powered power toys make realistic noises. The chainsaw has a rotating plastic chain. The leaf blower pushes air out of the nozzle. The hedge-trimmer's plastic cutters moves back and forth to simulate cutting action. The trimmer's plastic cutting line features a green LED that lights up and rotates when trigger is pulled.

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