Buying guide for Forestry clearing saws

With a forestry clearing saw you clear trees, small bushes and brushwood. Husqvarna forestry clearing saws are available in a variety of sizes, to match the requirements of the job. A forestry clearing saw has a shorter shaft for increased manoeuvrability in tight stands, and the angle of the bevel gear makes it easier to fell in a desired direction. Also, a thumb-operated throttle helps make the job easier.

Things to keep in mind when buying a forestry clearing saw:

  • The machine should have an efficient vibration-dampening system to minimise vibrations from those parts of the machine in contact with the user.
  • The machine should be as light as possible.
  • For maximum efficiency, it should have plenty of power and rapid acceleration. A clearing saw should have lots of torque.
  • The machine should have an ergonomic harness, to spread the load over the body. This improves comfort and efficiency.
  • The handlebar should be angled relative to the shaft, to prevent an uneven load on the back.
  • The handlebar can be folded for easier transport and storage.
  • The engine should have some form of emission control, for the benefit of the user’s working environment as well as the environment as a whole.
  • If you plan to work in cold climate, choose a clearing saw with handle heating.