And the winner is...

Thank you to everyone who participated to the contest. After reading all the stories, Linh's Arctic marathon story was awarded the prize. Her determination is a great example of how one can Challenge the Impossible.

Congratulation Linh!


"I had 4 layers of clothing on my upper body and 3 layers on my legs. My face was entirely covered. I didn’t have an inch of flesh exposed. My delicate hands were plunged into 3 layers of protection: liners, mittens and gloves. There were 42 runners from different countries around the world. Shortly after midnight, on April 9, we set off to run a marathon at the North Pole. We were running on an ice floe with only several feet of ice separating us from the frigid Arctic Ocean. There was an armed race official to protect us from polar bears. A few runners dropped out of the race due to hypothermia and injury. I crossed the finish line about 11 hours later. I was the 5th woman and the only Canadian. I was feeling elated as my body and mind had reached a place of infinite possibility."


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