AR19 (Briggs)

Husqvarna's handy and efficient hollow tine aerators are self-propelled and feature free-wheeling outer tines for better maneuverability around corners and tight areas with less turf damage. Additional side weights allow for improved soil penetration and are removable for reduced effort when lifting or for altering weight balance on slopes and inclines. A folding operator handle on the AR19, lift handles and semi-pneumatic front tire allow for easy transport and storage.

Briggs & Stratton, 9 lb-ft

Features for HUSQVARNA AR19 (Briggs)

  • The unique patented free-wheeling outer tines allow users to continue aerating without losing speed on tight corners and without damaging turf.

  • The compact design, foldable handle, detachable weights and lifting handle facilitate loading and transport.

  • Rear-wheel control, allowing adjustment of working depth and settings for maximal stability.

  • Detachable weights for efficient, stable operation where the ground conditons require, such as on slopes.