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TA 36

Aerating pattern 4.4x6 inch / 112x152 mm
Working depth 3 " / 7.6 cm
Aerating width 36 inch / 92 cm
Working depth adjustment Crank
Number of tines 40
Free-wheel design yes
Detachable weights 5 containers 86-210 kg
Tyre size, rear 3x10 inch
Base machine, length 58.66 inch / 149 cm
Base machine, width 55.91 inch / 142 cm
Base machine, height 37.01 inch / 94 cm
Weight 190 lbs / 86 kg

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  • Extreme Duty, Daily use

    Extreme Duty, Daily use

    Pro Foresters, Arborists, Land Clearing, Landscapers, Construction Crews and other users who demand the ultimateprofessional performance.

  • Heavy Duty, Frequent Use or Occasional Demanding Use

    Heavy Duty, Frequent Use or Occasional Demanding Use

    Semi-Pros, Farmers/Ranchers, Large residential property owners and other demanding users who require High Performance.

  • Medium Duty, Seasonal or Occasional Use

    Medium Duty, Seasonal or Occasional Use

    Residential property owners and others who seek reliable proven Performance and Quality.