August 29, 2013

Try these time-saving tips for autumn lawn-care

With all of the leaves, rain and mulch, fall lawn maintenance can feel as though it never ends.
“Lawn maintenance can be time consuming for homeowners, but it doesn’t have to be,” says Scott Ride from Husqvarna, the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products. “Anyone can achieve a great-looking, easy-to-maintain lawn with the right practices and tools.”

Ride supplies some additional tips from the pros:

Remove the leaves.

Falling autumn leaves may look great but they are bad news for your lawn. Leaves can harm your grass by denying it sunlight and fostering disease. Save time collecting leaves with an efficient hand held blower like the Husqvarna brand, 125B. It combines high blowing power with user friendliness. Using your mower to mulch the leaves on your yard is another efficient option.

Maintain your mower.

Regularly check to ensure that your mower blades are sharp and cutting cleanly. A sharp, balanced blade cuts faster and cleaner, so you'll have an even cut and reduce mowing time.

Keep the mulch.

Leave the clippings on your lawn. Not only do you eliminate the time to bag and dump the mulch, but the clippings fertilize the soil and lawn.

Harvest rainwater

Adding a rain barrel is an easy way to capture water for watering lawns, yards, gardens and washing cars. This action will reduce your water bills and the demand on your community’s water supply.

Let the grass grow.

You can prevent weeds from taking over your lawn by not cutting your grass as often. Longer grass supports a deeper root system. Additionally, taller grass grows slower than shorter grass, which will reduce mowing time, the amount of gasoline you use and the wear on your equipment.