June 27, 2013

“That’s a Husqvarna to me”

Having a favourite of something is, of course, as individual and personal as it gets. What one person appreciates someone else may dislike. That’s why we take a lot of pride in the fact that our products appeal to so many people around the world. Below you’ll find various people stories, sharing their opinion on what it is that makes a Husqvarna so special to them.

NR Sheffield, Canada

“I retired from the Ministry of Natural Resources in March 1989. As a retirement present, I received a Husqvarna 300 chainsaw. The first year of my retirement, I cut 150 cords of wood, the year next 135. The following winter I helped my son-in-law with his logging operation felling poplar and white birch. I have been cutting every year for the last 23 years at least 15 cords of wood per year and have been very pleased with this saw’s performance.”

Heather Hopley, Australia

“I consider myself a regular country girl – and until just recently a high school teacher, which I’ve worked as for over 30 years. I live with my husband in Canungra, Queensland, not far from the famous Gold Coast, where we have about five acres of land. Half of it is left untouched for our little neighbours: beautiful wallabies, energetic bandicoots and heaps of birds. When we moved here 25 years ago there were almost no trees, so we started planting them by the hundreds – and that’s where our Husqvarna 440 E-series come in. These trees are now long since fully grown and need attention as they either fall or get too big. Our reliable Husqvarna gets the job done quickly and is easy to clean and maintain – regardless if we’re cutting acacia, tipuana, banksia, cadagi or gum trees.”

“Just recently we experienced an incredible storm during which large parts of Queensland were flooded. Due to wet soil a number of our large trees came down and we have now spent a few days cutting them up. At times like that it is indeed calming to have a reliable tool to turn to.”

Bojan Bernat, Croatia

“I live in the northern part of Croatia, in the town of Kunovec, have a master’s degree in economics but do forestry work on occasion. The first time I came in contact with Husqvarna was about four years ago when I replaced my previous chainsaw with the Husqvarna 365 – which turned out to be a great decision. That model made a big impact on me and I used it a lot for cutting beech, acacia, oak and chestnut trees. Since then I have upgraded to the even more powerful 576 XP, with enough muscle to handle anything from easy limbing to high-performance felling. To someone that hasn’t yet tried a Husqvarna I would highly recommend it. The experience speaks for itself.”