September 11, 2012

Power Shopping: Top 5 Gifts for the Man who has it all

Every year, women spend countless hours trying to come up with creative gift ideas for their fathers, husbands, and brothers, but it is always the same story – men are hard to buy for. Here’s a little tip to help you with your shopping: Studies show that after personal responsibilities like car payments, repairs and gas, guys spend most of their dough on clothes, eating out, electronics and booze. What’s missing from this list is the ultimate guy present – power tools!

Husqvarna Canada, the world's largest producer of outdoor power products, helps rev up your gift giving this year with a list of the most in-demand power products for your man:

Leaf blowers: 
Truly the tool for the man who has it all, we are not talking about your father’s leaf blower. Modern varieties are ergonomically designed with lots of power for clearing leaves and debris. Plus, some double as a vacuum for lawn and garden. 

Millions of chainsaws are sold every year and millions of men drool over those millions of chainsaws every year. It doesn’t matter if he lives in a condo. He will be the envy of his neighbors, his friends, his brothers, his co-workers. Just get him one.

Shoveling snow results in hundreds of thousands of injuries each year, and a snowblower might be just the answer. Plus, pretty soon he’ll be competing with the neighbours to see who gets to plow the little old lady’s driveway down the street. 

Most homeowners have a trimmer for those hard-to-reach spots and for finishing touches, but it is amazing the difference quality makes. When purchasing a trimmer, look for something that’s light and comfortable, easy-to-start, and high-powered with rapid acceleration. 

Many mowers are hand-me-downs, but at some point, it’s time to invest in the real deal. Whether that’s an eco-friendly manual, a tailor-made push mower, or the big kahuna – a rider – new models are better for your lawn and gentler on the environment. 

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