July 16, 2012

Husqvarna Tips For The Best Looking Garden

Here’s the list that will lay the foundation for a great-looking garden.
1. Clean up, blow away and rake
Start the spring-cleaning when the snow has melted and the soil has dried up a bit. Remove layers of leaves that can lead to the grass moulding or decaying. Leaves and all other leftover organic materials are an excellent addition to the compost. Use a leaf blower or a rake. Don’t rake the lawn until it has started to grow. Roses and other sensitive plants need protection from the sun in order not to start growing too early.

2. Clear away weeds
Get rid of any weeds as early as possible, before the sun gives it energy to start growing. Also be sure to cut away withered leaves and grass from cultivated parts of the garden.

3. Loosen the soil
Soil loosening makes it possible for the oxygen to reach the roots of the plants – and at the same time it gives a better-looking flowerbed. In smaller beds you’ll get by with hand tools but if you’re working with larger areas, a rotary cultivator is the way to go.

4. Prune the trees
If you have fruit trees in your garden, they need pruning in order to stay healthy and carry fruit. The pruning should be performed during spring, but be careful not to do it too early as the incisions can dry out if the temperature goes below zero. Trees that shouldn’t be pruned in spring are stone-fruits such as cherry, apricot, plum and peach.

5. Trim the hedges
The way to get a good-looking hedge always starts with the hedge cutters. Hedges with leaves should preferably be trimmed during the winter or early spring. Conifers are better trimmed during the growing period, one time early spring and once more in the middle of the summer.
Today, hedge trimming can be smooth and easy. Husqvarna’s new battery trimmer 136 LiHD 50 is an ergonomically balanced, lightweight trimmer with great performance.

6. Mow the lawn
The lawn needs time to recover after the winter. Remember not to cut the grass too short the first couple of times. With a grass level of 5-9 cm you will have a fine, sustainable lawn, which is ready to be used.
Are you thinking of buying a new lawnmower? Take a look at Husqvarna’s new battery powered ride-on lawnmower. It’s quiet, causes no pollution and delivers the same performance as the petrol-driven models.

7. Trim the lawn
If you want your lawn to look really great, don’t forget to trim the edges!
Husqvarna’s new battery trimmer 136 LiC is battery powered, low weight and extremely low levels of noise, making trimming comfortable and easy.

8. Look over your outdoor power products
Make sure your gardening equipment is ready for a new gardening season. If you have a Husqvarna Rider, there is still time to check the battery. The Husqvarna battery level indicator, found at Husqvarna dealers, shows the status of the battery and let’s you know if it needs charging.

9. Provide for the birds
If you want to give the birds a home in your garden, now is the right time to put up a nesting-box.

10. Clean the patio
Clean the patio as soon as you can. Then you’re ready to take out a chair and enjoy the first sunny, warm days with a nice cup of coffee.

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