September 11, 2012

Finally Getting a Chainsaw? Make sure you choose the right one

Chainsaw 101 - Millions of chainsaws are sold every year, and although not every purchase is punctuated with a Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor grunt, it is clear Canadian men (and some women!) still love their chainsaws. So, was Tim right? Is it always just about “more power?”
Not according to Edward Andria from Husqvarna, the world's largest producer of outdoor power products: “There are many factors to consider when buying a chainsaw, but the first question you should ask is, what kind of work do I need the saw for? Models range from full-time professional saws to all-round and leisure or hobby saws and you want to make sure you get the right one.”

Here are few more tips to help you choose the right saw:

  • Unless you are very experienced with a chainsaw, go for a lighter saw which will be much easier to handle.
  • Ergonomic engineering and design, such as low vibration levels in the handles and a slim and well-balanced saw body, are welcome features, even if you only use the saw part-time. Good ergonomics can be just as important as low weight.
  • Efficient kickback protection is a requirement in most countries. Also pay attention to small details. For example, how easy it is to replace a simple part like a chain catcher stud? Do you have easy access to controls?
  • Is the saw easy to maintain and service? Good access to the air filter and spark plug, and easy chain tensioning save time and effort.
  • Look for approved protective equipment like safety trousers, safety boots, helmet with visor and hearing protection and gloves.
  • And don’t forget, your saw will appreciate regular service by a qualified professional, so look to purchase your saw from a dealer that can service it.

To learn more about chainsaws and what to look for when purchasing a new model, check out the buying guide at