The idea behind our service concept is that you won’t have to see us so often.

Equipment that works without problems, day in day out, is crucial in professional landscaping and park maintenance. We deliver this with planned servicing for your machine. It reduces the risk that you’ll have to contact us urgently after a sudden breakdown. Instead it lets you work efficiently for long periods, apart from a few brief, planned stops for servicing. It’s a recipe for good profitability.

Decades of experience of outdoor equipment and continual dialogue with professional users have given us the necessary knowledge to create the best possible business solution for each customer. Service is a vital part of our offer to you.

Advice and spare parts.

We have close and long-running cooperation with authorised dealers all over the country. Of course they always keep spare parts in stock. They can also help you with technical support and they’re happy to discuss different ways of meeting your business needs.

Your own service plan.

As with all machinery, you should maintain your machine regularly. To further reduce the risk of unplanned stoppages, scheduled service is important. Our dealers can give you suggestions for a service plan based on how often and in which conditions you use your machine.

The right business solution for you.

Circumstances and requirements vary from company to company. Together with our dealers you can customise a total solution that is perfectly suited to your company. If you want, they can help you calculate things like product life and service costs, and find the right financing.