August 29, 2013

5 winter prep tips for your lawn

Autumn is a great time to give your lawn the care it needs after a busy summer – and also to prepare it for the next year.
Did you know that aerating and fertilizing are among the first steps needed to winterize your lawn?

If not, a little guidance from the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products will ensure a healthy lawn when the snow thaws next spring. Take a look at these tips from Husqvarna:

Lawn height:

Grass growth starts to slow down once the cold weather arrives. Lifting the mower height will keep your lawn looking its best. Check out the AWD mower (from Husqvarna) with a six-point height adjustment. Remember to prepare lawn for the winter by cutting it at the same height you did over the summer. The longer the grass blades the deeper the root and deep roots are less likely to surrender to winter damage.

Touch up the bare spots:

Just before the snow starts falling, or during brief thaws, bald spots can be reseeded.

Keep the hose:

In most areas of the country, watering shouldn't end with Labour Day. Generally, a lawn should get an inch of water every 14 days. The ground should be kept moist as it heads into winter, but not sodden, which could foster mold.

Aerate the lawn:

Aeration creates passageways for essential nutrients and allows water and air to penetrate into the soil. An aerator, like the AR19 is the perfect addition to any tool shed.

Clean out:

Get rid of annuals and plants from your garden (it’s a perfect time to start a compost pile if you don't already have one).