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New Technology for 2014

Husqvarna SmartSwitch™. Convenience at the touch of a finger.

The new SmartSwitch™ ignition brings the convenience of one touch starting, real time feedback and “key-less” security to lawn equipment. No more complicated starting procedures, lost keys or concerns of leaving unattended.

1. Know Where You Stand Before You Start

System monitoring can give you current battery status, will inform you if your battery is below acceptable level or if your charging system is not functioning.

2. Light Things Up

One touch headlights are programmable to shut off after preset times. A courtesy feature also leaves them on for a short period after engine is shut down.

3. Smart Execution Means Less Nuisance

One touch of the reverse operating system allows mowing in reverse, but in the event you forget, no worries, the system will shutdown the cutting deck and leave the engine running. Same protection, less nuisance.

No More Keys! The system is activated with a simple code entry eliminating the need for a key and providing another level of security. No key also means no key left on and a dead battery. The system automatically shuts down after a short period of inactivity

Clear Feedback: Microprocessor controlled display tells you what needs to be corrected before starting. No more guesswork!

Products offering the SmartSwitch™

RZ46i GT52XLSi

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