September 10, 2012

Gold, silver and bronze: Husqvarna tops the World Logging Championship

After four days of competing in five challenging disciplines, 111 devoted loggers were narrowed down to three overall medallists. Russia, Finland and Switzerland took the gold, silver and bronze. And so did Husqvarna – as all medallists used the Husqvarna 576 XP chainsaw. “We are proud to provide the tool of choice for this year’s top winners and would like to congratulate them all on an amazing performance” says Niklas Bergquist, Global Product Manager Petrol Chainsaws at Husqvarna.

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The prestigious 30th World Logging Championship, which took place on the 23-26 of August, gathered 111 contestants from 28 countries – and a cheering audience of about 3500. And, the excitement certainly lived up to expectations. Approaching the final discipline -- the dreaded limbing -- Johann Raffl from Italy had the chance to secure the overall gold medal. But instead, after merely one irritating mistake, he ended up in fourth place.
“Limbing is the final part of the competition, and ends with the contestants that have gained the highest scores from the other four disciplines – tree felling, fitting another chain, bucking by combined cuts and precision bucking. That makes it the most nerve-racking part of the championship, and yes, it most often affects the final results quite a bit,” says Anders Kragner, Husqvarna’s World Logging Championship expert.

Urs Amstutz from Switzerland managed to beat Raffl just barely by four points, giving him the bronze medal and a final score of 1639. But the most exciting moment was undoubtedly delivered by gold medallist Alexandr Sokolov from Russia and silver medallist Jukka Peremäki from Finland – who both ended up with the exact same score, 1645 points. For about ten minutes after their performance in the final discipline no one knew who the real winner was, as the judges actually went back to re-examine the limbing logs. However, no new mistakes were found and the tree felling result was used as a tiebreaker instead. A discipline that Alexandr had won by 654 points against Jukka’s 650.

The Husqvarna 576 XP, used by the top four contestants at this year’s World Logging Championship, is the company’s most advanced saw for demanding professional use. It features X-Torq® technology, providing high torque over a very wide rpm range, combined with low fuel consumption and low exhaust emission levels. Improved ergonomics reduces fatigue, Smart Start® simplifies starting and Air Injection optimizes power, which also makes the saw run for longer periods of time. 

This is the World Logging Championship:
Loggers from all over the world compete to determine who is the very best at their profession. The championship is made up of five different disciplines, and medals are given out to the top three athletes in each one. The overall results, however, are the most prestigious ones. These are the five disciplines: 

1. Tree felling:
A tree must be felled within three minutes, and land as close as possible to a marker that has been positioned by the contestant. Points are awarded for felling the tree within the time limit, its proximity to the marker and the depth and angle of the directional cut, the hinge and the height difference between the directional cut and the hinge. 

2. Fitting another chain:
The contestant must remove the bar and chain, fit a new chain and turn the bar upside-down, and then re-install the bar and chain. It’s important that the new chain is correctly installed, as it may not be adjusted before the next two events. If a contestant must re-tension the chain, penalty points are deducted from the result. 

3. Bucking by combined cuts:
The contestant must saw a 30-80 cm thick disc from a sloping tree trunk, by first working from below and then from above. This is repeated on another trunk that is sloping in the other direction. Points are awarded for the straightness and evenness of the cuts. 

4. Precision bucking:
Here contestants have to make two cuts on two logs positioned on a plank and a bed of wet sawdust. Points are deducted for sawing into the plank. 

5. Limbing:
The participant must remove 30 specially made branches positioned on a six-metre long, horizontal tree trunk. The branches must be sawn off even with the trunk. Leaving stumps that are too long (5 mm) incurs a point penalty (20 points per mistake). The same applies to cuts made too deep into the log stem (5 mm). 

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