November 18, 2013

Husqvarna around the globe: Four professional stories

What makes you a true Husqvarna professional?

Pencho Penchev, Bulgaria

“In the beginning of the 1990s my father and I knew a professional logger, a man of dauntless spirit who worked somewhere deep in the gorges of Stara Planina (the Balkan Mountain). As a friend to my father he used to come by our house once a year with a couple of cubic meters of wood, which he’d cut with the Husqvarna 272 that he had at the time. I was an inquisitive young boy back then and with captivating stories about winning Husqvarna chainsaw competitions in Sweden, felling century-old trees, he and his machine became a symbol of the strive for technology perfection. Sitting next to each other he and my dad told wondrous stories and I, standing in the corner of the room close to the chainsaw, was cleaning it with a little piece of cloth. It wasn’t mine and it didn’t even need cleaning, but I felt that it was something more to me.”
“Years passed, I grew up and started reading more and more about Husqvarna. To me it was a dream that became the crown of technology. Gradually I started getting appreciation myself, from bystanders and neighbors, when cutting firewood in front of my house or going on logging trips with my Husqvarna 340. Regular people as well as experts have come to admire my machine, the symbiosis and my sense for it. Now, after all these years, I mainly use it to cut firewood. And my son, holding his own little piece of cleaning cloth in his hand, stands in the corner of that very room. Just like I used to do...”

Xavier Barthel, France

“My name is Xavier, I am 25 years old and I have been a woodcutter since the age of 20. I use my Husqvarna for all types of work and, to me, the defining quality is reliability and maintenance simplicity. Because when you’re in the forest you have no one but yourself to turn to. I cut down a lot of really big trees and since I’m only 169 cm tall they deserve a lot of respect. I use my Husqvarna 395 XP and thank goodness for its precision and maneuverability. When you’re my height and have to work with trees of this size the saw speed means everything. Other times, when I work to maintain growing trees, I turn to the handy Husqvarna 253 RB brushcutter – easy to carry with the engine on your back.”
“In my spare time I bring fellow enthusiasts together by organizing local logging contests, which quickly made me see that I’m far from the only one enjoying Husqvarna’s products. We are all forest and nature lovers that just want to do the best possible job. To get there you must, of course, be motivated – but more importantly, you need to have good equipment. And with Husqvarna we’ve always been satisfied.”

Hampus Andersson, Sweden

“I have recently started my own business and a regular workday now consists of working with manual power tools like chainsaws and brushcutters. My chainsaw of choice is a Husqvarna 357. I use it daily and it has started every single day. In addition I always carry a back up, if something were to happen – my Husqvarna 55. This will probably be replaced with a more professional saw in a similar weight class later on, but for now it works just fine. In the long run, I think that a smaller saw is much better for both the user and the environment when it comes to general ground clearing tasks. In such situations it is much better to use a light and efficient machine instead of a heavy 60-70 cc alternative that leads to more exhaust emissions and physical strain.”
“Different tasks demand different things from your tools, but regardless what you’re facing its always good to look after both them and your protective clothing. Personally I take care of my chainsaws each Friday, a weekly routine during which each saw is blown clean and greased up. In addition the air filters are washed clean and all screw-nuts are tightened. This prevents downtime and unnecessary wear, basically making the saw last longer. I chose Husqvarna because of the proximity to a good dealership with good service capabilities, the overall high quality and the full range of saws and accessories. In my profession the chainsaw is an essential tool. If it doesn’t deliver I will not make any money. That’s why I choose Husqvarna.”

Thomas Wilson, UK

“I’m a UK arborist / forester who has been fortunate enough to spend time working in Sweden on the nationwide rail clearance project. I came to Sweden being very much a fan of Stihl saws. Then I was handed the Husqvarna 346 XP – and my views began to change. Sometimes when working on the rail the access wasn’t the best, with walks of one km or more. During these treks, where we were often weighed down with winches, climbing equipment, ropes and fuel, I came to appreciate the 346 XP for its low weight, which made it easy to carry. Without compromising power or efficiency.”
“I was now able to work all day long, be it up in the tree when climbing, clearing ahead of the harvester or felling and processing mature oaks, pines and spruce. Ok, for the bigger trees I could have gone and got a larger saw. But, when you’re working over a wide area and have to carry your kit a long way, you want a saw that can be used for any challenge that might come up. And the 346 XP was exactly that. Some other Brits who came over would laugh at me and the Swedish tree fellers with our ‘tiny saws’, but after a day of swinging around a big heavy alternative – and then having to carry it and all their other equipment out of the forest ¬– their looks soon turned to envy. Especially after seeing how much work we could get done with our 346’s."