July 12, 2012

A treasure for chainsaw operators

Do you own or use a chainsaw? Then Husqvarna would like to introduce you to our new, updated chainsaw manual: Working with chainsaws – a basic manual for safe and efficient chainsaw use. A real treasure trove for chainsaw operators. Magnus Andersson, product specialist for chainsaws at Husqvarna, is one of the authors of the manual.

Why a chainsaw operating manual?

– This is a manual about safe and efficient working techniques for anyone using a chainsaw. At Husqvarna, we’re always working towards increased safety. A chainsaw can be a dangerous tool if it’s used in the wrong way, therefore it’s important to learn the right technique to be able to minimize and avoid risks by working correctly. Our latest operating manual was published in 2001 and has become very popular and widely used. Now it was time for an updated version.

What does it contain?

– Part one of the manual covers everything from how you select an appropriate chainsaw and the basic rules of how to use it, to tips on protective equipment and recommended tree felling techniques. It also explains TrioBrake™, Husqvarna’s safety system for chainsaws. TrioBrake™ enables the chain brake to be activated in a third way, with your right hand, and provides extra protection by preventing for example climbing kickback. TrioBrake™ helps you work in a more safe and ergonomic way. Part two of the manual, which is aimed at more advanced users, will be launched later this year.

Who should read it?

– I would recommend it to everyone who has to deal with chainsaws: new beginners as well as experienced users who want to improve their technique. If you’re about to attend a chainsaw course, this manual provides a good base. In part two of the manual, professional users will find further education for a more advanced user level.

Where can one find it?

– The manual is published in a digital version, in order to be easily accessible. You can find it on our website, where it’s part of a steadily growing information bank (see link to the right).

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