Power and intelligence in perfect harmony.

When you measure efficiency in terms of number of holes per hour or day, it’s just as much about useability and ergonomics as raw power. This is why Husqvarna has developed a product programme that intelligently covers every need in the diamond drilling sector – from easy-to-use electric machines for handheld drilling to powerful standtype drill systems with automatic feed.

Easy-to-use, flexible systems.

With Husqvarna’s system concept, we develop all components to be combinable. This means that machines, tools and stands all work together to deliver perfect results. You can easily put together the ideal system for the type of drilling you do. And if you want some help selecting your system, this folder contains six pre-configured drill systems for a range of requirements. To save you time and effort.

Innovations that boost your profitability.

At Husqvarna we prioritize product development, and our product programme features a number of exciting and unique innovations. One example is our automatic Husqvarna AD 10 feeding unit. It enables the operator to drill at the optimal speed, while working on several holes simultaneously. For a professional driller this means increased efficiency – more holes per day – and the potential of greater profitability. Another example is the drill bits in the D 1200 series with the revolutionary Diagrip™ technology, which delivers diamond tools with superior drilling capacity and durability.

World-leading ergonomics.

Our entire product programme is characterized by useability and ergonomics. This applies to everything from the placement and design of handles and controls to smart solutions that make the work easier and reduce the physical strain on the user. Examples include our light, compact drill stands, designed for rapid, easy transport and installation.