A revolution for handheld battery power equipment

Power and durability or low-noise and no emissions? With Husqvarna’s Battery Series, you no longer have to choose. Our complete system of convenient, easy-to-use electric cordless handheld equipment offers the same great performance as our gas-powered equipment.

Husqvarna’s handheld battery powered products are all built around one interchangeable 36V Li-Ion high-performance battery system. This enables the same battery to be used with a complete fleet of electric professional products including chainsaws, blowers, trimmers and hedge trimmers. Husqvarna’s backpack battery solution boosts the runtime of this entire line with up to 7 times the current performance. This provides a commercial landscaper with up to 10 hours of runtime between charges. 

So what’s it like to work with a backpack battery?

The ergonomic harness makes it remarkably comfortable to carry. It gently follows your every move and can be adjusted to fit any body size. The adapter is detachable from the battery cord, which enables users to put the backpack on comfortably before connecting to their equipment. And if something should catch the cord during operation, it detaches instantly. The biggest advantage is of course the freedom it brings, enabling users to work up to a full day without having to stop and recharge.

What are the main commercial landscaping benefits that come with choosing a battery product?

When you work continuously for many hours, factors such as low weight, low noise and no direct emissions are important. Our battery-powered handhelds are excellent options for commercial usage because of their ease of use and performance. It’s the same great reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from Husqvarna, just without the gas!

Battery grass trimmer from Husqvarna One battery fits all

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