Even the smallest new details mean a lot for your productivity.

We’re driven by a passion to change and improve. To see things from different perspectives, so we can find ways to make great concepts even greater. Like our powerful, robust and ergonomic bestseller, the Husqvarna K 760. With a focus on your daily work duties and your business, we developed a number of intelligent parts and components. A few larger and many small parts that combine to make the new K 760 an even more efficient, reliable and convenient all-round cutter – with an impressive power-to-weight ratio. Perfect for cutting into reinforced concrete and making small holes, as well as cutting pavers.

Study the new Husqvarna K 760 in detail.

New blade guard, new cylinder, new digital ignition system, new wet cutting system and new tank ventilation. That’s five of many big and small improvements to the new K 760. Click on a part to learn more, including how it benefits you.


More flexible, less strenuous.

The new K 760 has a new blade guard made of durable magnesium. Its low weight is one reason why the K 760 is so well balanced. But most of all, the guard makes cutting easier. Thanks to stepless adjustment, you can quickly and easily change the cutting position. The new blade guard also helps reduce vibrations to below 2,5 m/s2, which means that you can work full days without having to take a break. More solutions that improve ergonomics: enhanced power-to-weight ratio, new progressive water valve, new starter handle and new flip-up fuel cap.


More efficient engine, less emissions.

The new cylinder increases the cutter’s capacity in several ways. It delivers more efficient combustion, which combined with extra cooling fins reduces exhaust emissions by as much as 15%. Also, it ensures an optimal running temperature, making the machine less sensitive to variations in climate and fuel. More solutions that improve performance: new digital ignition system and X-Torq (patented engine technology).


More reliable starts, less vibrations.

The new digital ignition system makes the cutter easier to start in any situation. Because of the strong spark the machine starts quickly, which allows you to maximise your work time. Also, the ignition is optimised for the K 760 engine, for smoother engine performance at all times. This leads to reduced vibrations (below 2.5 m/s2), and less user strain – even during long working hours. More solutions that improve startability: new fast idle lock in choke lever and redesigned starter handle.


More accurate settings, less water and slurry.

The new wet cutting system makes dust control easier. The progressive valve has distinct end positions, which allows you to adjust the exact water volume for each job, greatly reducing water consumption and slurry. The new system has a thinner water hose, which is securely fastened to the lower part of the front handle. This prevents the hose from accidently being pulled out. Another solution that improves dust control: new stepless blade guard adjustment.


More dust resistance, less service needed.

The new tank ventilation ensures good air supply to the fuel tank and prevents dust from entering the tank. The result is a cutter with more reliable operation, and longer intervals between servicing. More solutions that improve reliability: new cylinder, new heat-resistant rear belt cover, new wet cutting system, Active Air Filtration™ and DuraStarter™.