Husqvarna starts chainsaw road show in Asia.

Starting October 18th, Husqvarna, the global leader in outdoor power products, will visit Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Korea to meet customers and show the latest chainsaw innovations and safety features from Husqvarna.

Husqvarna wants to support customers and chainsaw users in Asia and will therefore do a road show in selected markets. During the road show called “Don’t let anything stop you”, Husqvarna will make a special visit to Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Korea together with some of the most well-known chainsaw experts in the world.

During the road show, the latest technical chainsaw innovations like AutoTune. X-Torq® and TrioBrake™ from Husqvarna will be demonstrated. As safety and ergonomics are priorities for Husqvarna forestry products the road show will also focus on the importance of safety when working with a chainsaw and the use of protective clothing.

Date of Demo

Place of Demo


October 18th - 29th


November 10th-19th


November 1st-8th

Papua New Guinea

March 7th-18th