One blade to cut anything from pipe to pavers.

The new Vari-Cut™ is a premium diamond blade designed to cut almost anything a general contractor comes across on a workday. No need to switch blades, you'll cut pipe and steel rebar as easy as bricks, blocks and concrete slabs. We've used all our cutting knowledge here to give you maximum blade for the buck. Try it, and tell us what you think!


• 10 mm Turbo segments for increased cutting speed
• 10 mm Straight segments for increased tool Life
• Perforated core for optimal cooling
• Angled gullets for optimal crack protection
• Directional arrows for correct assembly
• Guaranteed Safe and conforms to European Standard EN13236

Available versions:
• Vari-Cut™ – optimal cutting performance in most construction materials
• Vari-Cut™ Turbo – optimal cutting performance in harder construction materials
• Vari-Cut™ Plus – optimal cutting performance in abrasive construction materials

Choosing the right blade