Surface Preparation System PG 400 with Basic Tool Kit

Husqvarna PG 400 is an efficient grinder that is easy and convenient to use. The Husqvarna DC 1400 is a light and compact yet powerful and efficient dust collector, and makes for a perfect combination with PG 400.Together with Husqvarna's recommended kit of of robust, metal-bonded diamond tools for every application you get an instant and hassle-free system for surface preparation.

As a start-up kit of grinding tools for your PG 280, Husqvarna recommends the following tools:

Article no. 577866601 - Piranha x 8 Article no. 577866801 - G 622 D x 8 Article no. 543089392 - G 673 D x 8 Article no. 543089380 - G 623 D x 8 Article no. 543089387 - G 643 D x 8 Article no. 543089382 - G 625 D x 8

The tools are purchased separately by article number.