Husqvarna DC 3000

DC 3000 is a versatile dust collector which is compatible with our compact grinders PG 400 and PG 450. It has high performance, is light weight and easy to transport. It is equipped with automatic filter cleaning and can be used for both wet and dry applications. DC 3000 has twice the power compared to our smaller unit DC 1400. DC 3000 is supplied complete with hoses and accessories.


  • Washable polyester filters
  • Powerful 1-phase motor
  • Low noise, 73 dB (A)
  • Can be used as a heavy duty dry/wet vacuum cleaner
  • Automatic dust filter cleaning

    Automatic dust filter cleaning prevents clogging while working. Possible to run the machine at the same time as the filter is being cleaned.

  • Tiltable container for easy disposal

    Tiltable container for easy disposal

  • Easy connection

    The dust collector is delivered with a Husqvarna multi adaptor, allowing easy connection to the Husqvarna grinder.

  • Long hose

    The long hose of 10 m enables DC 3000 to perform on a large area.