Husqvarna DS 900

DS 900 is a drill stand for big diameter core drilling. It is a robust, stable stand ideal for tough applications. DS 900 works especially well together with DM 650 core drill motor, part of the PRIME™ product range. The excellent power-to-weight ratio and user-friendly setup together with the high stability and robustness of the stand, offer you a complete setup and is the perfect choice for heavy-duty applications. DS 900 is designed with the same column as the wall saws in the WS 400 range. This makes it a very flexible system since the column is interchangable between drill stand and wall saw.


  • Attachment kit
  • Robust and rigid stand

    The robust stand with high stability makes it ideal for tough applications.

  • Modular stand

    The perfect match to DM 650 and DM 406 core drills. Can also be used with other drill motors in our range.

  • Flexible system with wall saw column

    The column is interchangable between drill stand and wall saw.

  • Easy to set up and use

    Equipped with a carry handle on the back support and an ergonomic 3 spoke handle. An optional wheel kit can be attached for easy transportation. This will minimize the set-up time and give efficient drilling.


  • Ideal for all core drilling up to 900 mm
  • Precision drilling of deep holes and holes with big diameters
  • Heavy-duty applications

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