Husqvarna DS 70 Gyro

The Husqvarna DS 70 Gyro is a robust, stable and powerful drill stand that can drill holes up to an impressive 650 mm and has a travel length of 670 mm. The stand provides quick, secure installation in horizontal or vertical applications. The drill column can be angled and tilted so you can drill several holes in different positions from a single installation position, for unique flexibility. Works with the DM 340, DM 406 H and DM 280 drill motors.


  • Modular and flexible

    The drill column is easy to turn and tilt meaning it is ideal for drilling numerous holes at almost any angle, providing several combination options.

  • Optimum cranking speed

    Carriage with single and double gearing for efficient drilling.

  • Installed by stanchion

    The drill rig is installed between floor and ceiling, with no need of anchoring. This means it is quick to setup and is gentler on the surroundings.


  • Horizontal drilling
  • Vertical drilling