R 1245 Diagrip™ Ringsaw Blade

R1245 Diagrip™ blades cuts medium to soft concrete, hard concrete, some building brick and some stone. Diagrip™ ensures an optimal distribution of the diamonds and holds them in the segment longer. This enables the blades to have superior cutting capacity, longer life and a smooth, rapid cut.


  • Longer segment to give a better stability to the ring. Making it more solid and stiff which helps to cut a straight cut.
  • The design of the segments improves cooling and slurry transportation, effecting both speed and life in a positive way.
  • The self sharpen segments are designed to give a free-cutting tool regardless of direction of blade rotation.
  • CE-certification applies only when using Husqvarna ring blades and drive disc together with Husqvarna ring saw.
  • All ring saw blades are supplied with a patented drive disc.