Husqvarna VN 63

FOR CUTTING IN CONCRETE, ALL STANDARD CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND ASPHALT ■ “Easy-fit”, a bushel for bore hole expansion from 20 to 25.4 mm on blade diameter up to 400 mm blades. ■ Lowered segment added on VN 85 asphalt blade for protection against undercutting. ■ VN 63 developed specifically expansion joint cutting for green concrete.


  • For applications requiring high-quality finishing of cut, Husqvarna provides three different blade geometries: joint turbo segments, continuous turbo and continuous flat rim.
  • VN 10 and VN 6 with turbo geometry segments for applications requiring fast and high-quality finishing of cut.
  • VN 65 covers most applications and materials to cut.
  • Husqvarna VN 90 offers a fast and efficient way to rake out broken mortar joints instead of repointing. Supplied as a 6.5 mm wide mortar raking blade.