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Diamond blades for floor saws

Our floor sawing tools work in all types of material and with all types of saws, from small electric units to large diesel machines. Blade diameters range from 300 to 1200 mm. The new F 1400 (for high-powered machines), S 1400 and F 400 (for low-powered machines) series feature our unique Diagrip2™ technology, for efficient and convenient work – even in heavily reinforced concrete.
The F and L series are for use on medium to high-powered machines, and the S and VN series for use on low to medium-powered machines. We also have the L 600 range for slot cutting of electric and electronic cables, installation of traffic loops and other joint widening applications.

Diamond blades for floor saws

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Husqvarna F 1410 floor saw blade Husqvarna F 1440 floor saw blade Husqvarna F 1180 Husqvarna F 1190 Husqvarna F 635 Husqvarna F 640 Husqvarna F 672 Husqvarna F 675 Husqvarna F 685 Husqvarna L 630 Husqvarna L 680 Husqvarna F 410 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna F 420 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna F 430 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna F 465 Husqvarna S 1435 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna S 1445 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna S 1465 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna S 1485 Diagrip2™ Husqvarna VN 45 Husqvarna VN 63 Husqvarna VN 65 Husqvarna VN 85 Husqvarna VARI-CUT™ Husqvarna VARI-CUT™ PLUS


F 1410 floor saw blade

F 1440 floor saw blade

F 1180

F 1190

F 635

F 640

F 672

F 675

F 685

L 630

L 680

F 410 Diagrip2™

F 420 Diagrip2™

F 430 Diagrip2™

F 465

S 1435 Diagrip2™

S 1445

S 1465

S 1485

VN 45

VN 63

VN 65

VN 85

F 410

F 420

F 430



Cured concrete hard
Cured concrete medium
Cured concrete soft
Concrete hard
Concrete medium
Concrete soft
Asphalt hard
Asphalt soft
Reinforced concrete hard
Reinforced concrete medium
Reinforced concrete soft
Green concrete (abrasive) hard
Green concrete (abrasive) soft
Hard tiles - porcellanato
Ceramic tiles
Cured concrete
Reinforced concrete
Roof tile
Abrasive material
Ductile iron