"Husqvarna has helped us solve a lot of problems"

Chang Jian, Bejing Topsky Tech Automation Technology Co. Ltd

"We got to know Husqvarna in 2006, and then we introduced Husqvarna's air-powered power cutter and a small hydraulic power cutter to the coal industry. It was very welcomed by the customers and the cutting speed improved a lot compared to the old equipment. The work intensity was reduced as well. We are very satisfied with Husqvarna's power cutters. We look forward to Husqvarna developing lighter and more efficient cutting equipment in the near future. I believe the market demand for good cutting equipment is very big in the Chinese coal industry. Out of the numerous foreign cutting equipment companies, Husqvarna's continuous product innovations and aftersales service are the most important to our company. Husqvarna's employees always help us by going to work sites doing demos and testing again and again. They are very patient. Husqvarna has helped us solve a lot of problems. We really appreciate their help and guidance. We feel that a good product is very important but people are even more important. This is the reason why our cooperation with Husqvarna has worked so well. I am very optimistic about the cooperation between Husqvarna and our company, and I look forward to an even brighter future."