"The Husqvarna team helps us with whatever we need"

Alberto Libanio, Furacon, São Paulo

"We have done hundreds of drilling jobs here with various Husqvarna equipment. What we did here, eventhough a small part compared to the size of the entire project, makes me very proud because we participated and did our part with help of Husqvarna machines. I did not expect this type of commitment and readiness in the Husqvarna team to help us with whatever we need. It’s nice to say that all Husqvarna team is aware of the importance of their brand, of our brand. Every time I got a job and had some issues with my machines, I would call them and if they were not able to solve it by phone or e-mail, they would come shortly to the job site no matter where it was. This is a real partnership. It’s like a wedding. It’s not just a sale, not just a business relation, it’s a friendship. This is part of the Latin culture, you end up becoming friend of your supplier and with friendship and good service, all happens faster. If Husqvarna continues this way, like a family, that I could know everyone here in Brazil, during the show in Germany, in Sweden, it will succeed very fast. It is a great partnership, a great marriage and we will continue working together."