"The world's most reliable and durable cutting products"

Wang Sheng Li, Bejing STS Instrument Co. Ltd

"We have been working with Husqvarna for three years already and we are very happy with the cooperation. As agents for Husqvarna we use two kinds of products so far, one is a geological sampling machine. The other is an underground mine drilling machine. We know that Husqvarna's products are mainly aimed at the construction industry. We hope that through our experience in the mining geologic industry, and by bringing both sides together we can modify details of the products making them optimized for the needs of the mining industry as well. Husqvarna has the world's most reliable and most durable cutting products. We are very satisfied and happy with the cooperation between our companies. Husqvarna is very good at paying attention to the aftersales service and marketing support, we are very happy with the support they have provided. Thanks to the Chinese Husqvarna team, we could not ask for a better partner!"