"Husqvarna is an animal when cutting concrete"

Kris Gooding, Texas Cutting & Coring, Austin

"I can tell you based on experience, a lot of the guys down here are used to running Meco saws, they rent Meco saws, they learn how to run on old Target Magnum gas-powered saws. When you started seeing the newer, the Husqvarna 48's and the 66's coming around, nobody wanted them. They didn't want them for a reason, because they didn't know how to operate them. I didn't neither, but for an operator you should be able to run any saw that is given to you regardless of who the manufacturer is. Looking at the Husqvarna instrument panel, of course it intimidates some operators. They want to see the little spindle dial in there and go with what they're comfortable using. It did take a while for them to start accepting the equipment. But it doesn't take very long after that before they realize that there is not many other saws out there that can handle the 66. It's an animal when cutting concrete. The 48 is a wonderful saw for cutting control joints and everything else, demo sawing. Yeah, they love it. Of course they love it, it's all pretty equipment man. It is made to present itself as professionalism and that's what we strive for here. Can I recommend it? Absolutely!"