05 June 2012

Husqvarna’s robotic crusher renovates Swedish Tax Agency office

The Swedish Tax Agency office in Solna in Stockholm, Sweden is currently being demolished. “We are removing the floors and beams from the courtyard to open it up completely. Excess vibration is not permitted during the demolition work as the Swedish Tax Agency office houses its data centres under the building. This was why we decided to use Husqvarna’s robotic crusher for the first time,” says Pentti Karhunen from Pentka Demolition who are tasked with the demolition.

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The way to perform

Ola de Besche, Husqvarna and Pentti Karhunen, Pentka Demolition. Ola de Besche, Husqvarna and Pentti Karhunen, Pentka Demolition.
The entire district of Nöten in Solna, where the Swedish Tax Agency office is a tenant, is undergoing extensive renovation and modernisation. The Swedish Tax Agency office will rent 44,000 square meters in the new  modern and environmentally-friendly premises. Pentti Karhunen and his son Toni Karhunen from Pentka 
Demolition perform the heavy demolition of the building, in cooperation with the Contender Demolering  company, which is drilling all the holes.
“The challenge was how to perform the demolition without having to break up the concrete, in order to reduce the amount of vibrations. Vibration meters are fitted around the entire building to keep us updated on what is going on. We also have to take into consideration the offices blocks around the building,” 
says Pentti Karhunen.
Remote-controlled demolition robots are becoming increasingly popular in the demolition industry. For the job in Solna, Pentka Demolition uses Husqvarna’s DXR 250 demolition robot with the DCR 300 robotic crusher.
“We needed a slightly bigger machine for the job and a strong robotic crusher, which is why we  chose Husqvarna. This crusher presses 45 tonnes and is the most powerful in its class, even if the machine is rather light in weight, making it very user friendly. The concrete is reinforced and thereby extra hard so the robotic crusher will be put to good use, and it does help us to get the job done both faster and smoother,” 
says Pentti Karhunen.
Toni Karhunen has configured Pentka Demolition’s own settings for the remote control. These adjust the  speed and indicate pressure and temperature levels at a distance. 
Ola de Besche from Husqvarna often visits the work site to see how the job is going.
“It’s a big building and it’s great that Pentti is so happy with the machine. He is a skilled operator,” he says.
The move into the new premises is scheduled for November 2012. The main contractor for the assignment
is Veidekke Entreprenad, who were awarded the contract by Fabege AB.

Technical facts

Power. The robotic crusher presses 45 tonnes. Power. The robotic crusher presses 45 tonnes.
Husqvarna DXR 250 

• The best power/weight ratio on the market with good stability and long reach
• Compact low design provides optimal visibility and manoeuvrability
• Easy to service and maintain
• Power: 18.5 kW, 22 kW
• Weight: 1,620 kg
• Reach: about 4.5 metres Husqvarna DCR 300
• Fits the Husqvarna DXR 310 and the Husqvarna DXR 250
• Most powerful in its size class
• Crushing pressure: 45 tonnes
• High power/weight ratio
• Weight: 274 kg (incl. adapter plate and hoses)
• Robust design
• Depth: 200 mm
• Max jaw opening: 430 mm

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