18 February 2013

DXR 270 - a compact demolition robot for flexible use

Lightweight, compact, stable and with high manoeuvrability – these are all main features of the latest addition to Husqvarna’s demolition robot family. DXR 270, equipped with the new outriggers, provides top stability and reach.

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Developed with a clear user focus

Husqvarna DXR 270 - a compact demolition robot for flexible use Husqvarna DXR 270 - a compact demolition robot for flexible use
Husqvarna launched its first remote controlled demolition robot, DXR 310, in 2009. Now, it is time for two new machines, DXR 270 and DXR 300 to enter the market. DXR 270 will complement Husqvarna’s range of compact remote demolition robots, suited for both indoor and outdoor work.
The DXR 270 has been developed with a clear user focus. The new outriggers with extra span not only provide increased stability but also allow for a greater workload. The fixed arm has a stable, durable design that delivers precise positioning of the tool and requires only a minimum of service. With a reach of 4.8 metres it is highly competitive in its segment.

Easy transportation

Husqvarna DXR 270 demolition robot is compact and easy to handle The DXR 270 is compact and easy to handle
The low weight of 1,750 kg and the short chassis – only 78 cm wide, gives it a very compact design. Its low height additionally gives the operator a free view over the machine while working, making operations more efficient, safer and helps give it a low centre of gravity.
“We have developed DXR 270 because we have seen a demand for lighter units in this segment. With
its compact design and low weight, it is easy to transport as it fits through all normal doorways and can
be transported in most lifts,” says Lars Gustafsson, Global Product Manager, Husqvarna Construction.
Like all the other Husqvarna DXR demolition robots, DXR 270 is controlled by an easy-to-use remote
control with a 3½ inch colour display and Bluetooth technology. The control system is adapted to
handle tough demolition environments characterised by high vibrations, concrete dust and water.
The DXR 270 is applicable for most work related to concrete demolition and smaller excavation work,
both indoors and out.
“With this latest product launch, Husqvarna can now offer a complete series of remote demolition robots
within the range of 1000–2000 kg, all depending on what the customer needs,” says Lars Gustafsson.
Husqvarna DXR 270 will be available for the markets in January 2013.

Technical specifications

• Power: 19 kW
• Weight: 1,750 kg
• Reach: 4,8 metres
• Control system is modular, digital CAN-based PLC
• Automatic breaker lubrication is included in standard version

For more information, please contact:

Lars Gustafsson, Global Product Manager, Construction Equipment, Husqvarna Construction Products
Tel: +46 (0)31-94 90 88, +46 (0)703-95 90 88, Email: lars.gustafsson@husqvarna.se

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Ergonomic remote control

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Outriggers for superior stability

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