18 September 2012

Valuable meetings at Husqvarna training centres

Husqvarna regularly invites customers and users to the company’s training centers. One of them lies in Jonsered, just outside Gothenburg in Sweden. The spacious facilities are well suited for demonstrating new products and innovations.

Getting to know the products - and the customer

Valuable. A group of French cutting and drilling professionals visited Husqvarna’s training center in Jonsered this spring. Valuable. A group of French cutting and drilling professionals visited Husqvarna’s training center in Jonsered this spring.
“I appreciate to get to know Husqvarna and their products better. I also appreciate that Husqvarna’s interested in getting to know me as a customer better,” says Guy Josserand, Managing Director of Fora, a French construction company.
He was one of the participants in a group of French cutting and drilling professionals that came to Sweden in March to get more acquainted with Husqvarna’s products and systems.
The group included both customers of Husqvarna and contractors that had no previous relation with the company. Several of the participants were members of the French drilling and sawing association, SNED.
Husqvarna’s training center lies in the old, industrial brick buildings in Jonsered, situated some 20 kilometers outside Gothenburg. The picturesque little town was built already in the 1840s.

Test-drive of the products

Anders Ströby, Vice President Husqvarna Construction, welcomed the group to Husqvarna and Jonsered before the demonstrations began. The visitors were divided into two smaller groups, that could both see the products in action and test-drive them: demolition robots, high frequency wall saws, surface preparation equipment and drilling systems. Product specialists from Husqvarna did the demoes.
A highlight of the day was the automatic drilling system AD 10. It’s one of the fastest automatic drill feed units in the world, and makes drilling work faster and easier, enabling users to produce more
over a shorter time with less strain.
The powerful, high frequency wall saws also raised a great interest. Equipped with new electronics, new
lightweight blade guards and an easy-to-use remote control, the durable saws offer high productivity and
“I’m particularly interested in the wall saws and the drill system AD 10. The technical features of the
AD 10 open up new possibilities within drilling,” said Guy Josserand.
For Husqvarna, it’s of great value to demonstrate the product range on the company’s own premises.
“To meet with existing customers and potential customers is very valuable for us. We receive important
feedback and we can explain and discuss our products and systems in detail,” says Pascal Quignon,
Heavy Users Sales Manager, Husqvarna Construction France.