04 February 2014

Product News 2014 - a new game is on

Change is a strong driver for us at Husqvarna. Being a global market leader, we look at our changing global world with curiosity. Change is a challenging source of inspiration in our efforts to find new ideas and develop them into products that you might find useful in your work.

A new game is on.

2014 seems to be a year of great change. Many in our industry will discover the enormous potential of high frequncy powered electrical equipment for concrete cutting and drilling. The reason: This year we launch our new Husqvarna PRIME™ product range, the result of the largest development project ever undertaken by Husqvarna Construction Products. The PRIME™ products take the power and efficiency of electrical equipment to a whole new level, establishing new physical relationships between power and weight.
However, all product development doesn't mean breaking new ground. Sometimes it is about optimising well-functioning solutions into something even better for the user and the environment. The two new flat saws from Husqvarna – FS 5000 D and FS 7000 D – launched this year, are clear examples of this. About these and much more, you can read in this edition of Product News.

You can now read our "Product News 2014" magazine, just click on the link to the right!

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Husqvarna PRIME™ product range

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FS 5000 D

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FS 7000 D

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