16 October 2014

Electric revolution with PRIME™

The products in Husqvarna's PRIME™ range have proven their worth in terms of efficiency. The Näsum Betonghåltagning drilling company used Husqvarna DM 650 with D 1400 Diagrip2™ in a project at the Port of Åhus in southern Sweden during last year. ”The efficiency provided by the high frequency technology was invaluable,” says Conny Lundqvist of Näsum Betonghåltagning.

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There were more upgrading and refurbishment projects in the Port of Åhus than usual during the spring and summer of 2013. A whole range of different measures were taken to improve safety throughout the port area. Näsum Betonghåltagning was commissioned to carry out drilling work as part of a project to extend and anchor the quay. This was a resource-intensive task which involved core drilling 2 metre deep, 325 mm wide holes.

When the project started in May 2013, the company used the hydraulically-operated Husqvarna DM 406 drill motor and a high frequency drill motor.

”We worked out that we would have to drill three holes a day using that equipment if we were to keep to our deadlines,” says Conny Lundqvist.

Five holes a day

At this time – Husqvarna had already started developing the new D 1400 Diagrip2 series. These tools were designed to be compatible with DM 650, part of the new PRIME product range. Husqvarna’s product specialist for diamond tools, Patrik Ekblad, went down to Åhus before the summer and tested the machine together with the new D 1400 drill bits. Näsum Betonghåltagning saw what they could do and DM 650, together with Diagrip2 D 1410, were soon in permanent use by the team.

”We noticed a big difference in how much we got done each day. With DM 650 there was a significant increase in efficiency. All of a sudden we were drilling five holes a day, which is amazing,” says Conny Lundqvist, who adds: 

”Also, the compact 10 kg power pack for the high frequency machine was far more convenient than dragging around a 150 kg hydraulic power pack. It made us more efficient.” 

Greater efficiency is often the key for customers when they want to achieve good results, and the benefits of the high frequency technology in this respect are clear for all to see. 

”We really are talking about a new generation of electrical high frequency products. The technology is not only easy to operate, it also produces a more consistent cut than hydraulic technology,” says Conny Lundqvist.
After the Åhus project Näsum Betonghåltagning has invested in additional PRIME products; such as two K 6500 power cutters, two K 6500 Ring, two PP 65 power packs and two DM 650 drill motors.

“The PRIME products are the start of a new era! They’ve given a new dimension to the construction business”, says Conny Lundqvist.

This is PRIME™

Husqvarna PRIME is a new generation of high performance technology for electric cutting equipment. By innovative utilization of high frequency current and digital processing PRIME brings a whole new level of efficiency and usability to the game, increasing performance, productivity and mobility for the concrete cutting industry. Powerful. Revolutionary. Intelligent. Modular. Electric – that’s PRIME.

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Husqvarna DM 650 and PP 65

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