06 February 2015

Electric evolution with PRIME™

The PRIME™ product range is now available in the UK and has already proven its worth to customers in terms of efficiency. One of the first customers to purchase PRIME™ products in the UK was Truecut Diamond Drilling Ltd, based in Kent.

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Truecut take great pride in the fact that the equipment they use is the very latest and most up to date technology available on the market. With this in mind there was no doubt that they would be interested in the new generation, high frequency technology in PRIME™.

Colin Walker, Managing Director at Truecut attended a demonstration at the Husqvarna product centre in Sweden in 2013. Here, he and other Heavy User customers were given a sneak peak of the PRIME™ equipment. Colin states, "The power and speed of that cutting demonstration attracted him to the products." So far they have taken delivery of the K 6500, K 6500 Ring, DM 650 and the PP 65 power pack.


Bright future for high frequency technology

These products are now staples in all Truecut’s hand sawing projects in the UK. They have even had interest overseas and have completed a demonstration with the PRIME™ equipment in Doha, Qatar, cutting C80 tunnel segments with chain saw pre-cut blades.

Truecut have seen a significant increase in efficiency, “Hand sawing productivity has increased with PRIME, making work more profitable, hydraulic equipment is now only used as back up or as a last resort.” says Colin.

Colin states, “The future is extremely bright for high frequency equipment, we have been contacted by other drilling contractors for feedback on the equipment and have given glowing reports.”

Colin continues to describe the technology as, “the next generation, the only way that I can describe it is like hydraulics on steroids, (not that I would know). The increased torque and power is quite remarkable and is commented on by all our operatives who have used the equipment.”

Truecut have already made enquiries for future investment in more PRIME™ products and are currently being quoted for another K 6500, K 6500 Ring and PP 65.

This is PRIME™

Husqvarna PRIME™ is a new generation of high performance technology for electric cutting equipment. By innovative utilisation of high frequency current and digital processing PRIME™ brings a whole new level of efficiency and usability to the game, increasing performance, productivity and mobility for the concrete cutting industry. Powerful. Revolutionary. Intelligent. Modular. Electric – that’s PRIME™.