18 July 2016

Cutting an Olympic arena into thousand pieces

When Norwegian contractor Øst-Riv AS were tasked with removing the 10,000 square meter concrete floor in the Olympic arena "Vikingskipet" they turned to Husqvarna Construction Products.

Project facts

Due to leaking cooling pipes, the concrete floor in the arena needed to be removed and replaced. 

• Total cutting area: 10,000 square meters (cut in 3x3 meter blocks)
• Cutting depth: 20 cm
• Total cutting length: 8 km
• The arena has a advanced ventilation system and is prepared for hosting motor shows. Therefore it was safe for the operators to use the floor saws indoors.

Husqvarna - the natural choice

The cooperation between Husqvarna Construction Products in Norway and the contractor Øst-Riv AS goes way back and therefore Husqvarna was a very natural choice for Øst-Riv in order to complete this project. Four Husqvarna floor saws were used (two FS 7000 D, one FS 8400 and one FS 6600), equipped with our F 1410 and F 1440 diamond blades.

"A high production rate was key for this project. We only had three weeks to complete this huge task. We made it in two!", says Terje Østdal, project manager at Øst-Riv AS.

"The concrete floor was highly reinforced and therefore Øst-Riv had to use a couple of more blades than expected, but both we and Øst-Riv are very happy with the speed and lifetime of the blades", says Frode Findahl, salesman at Husqvarna Construction Products in Norway.
  • FS 7000 D and FS 5000 D floor saws