25 February 2015

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During 2015 we will continue to launch new and exciting products that make your work easier and more efficient. Read more about this in the 2015 editions of Product news and Product list!

Making a difference for you

We want you to have the power. But not just any power. We only count the power you can benefit from. That's the force on the blade, the force that performs the job.

Husqvarna engines, motors and transmissions are among the most efficient on the market, but even so, we believe that the difference between input and output power is important. As a customer you need to know the power value that you will find useful in your daily work.

Therefore, we primarily specify the output power value on the drive shaft for our machines. Otherwise, we declare clearly that we are specifying the input power. 

The above may sound obvious, but in our industry there are those who specify the input power value for their machines, which reads a higher value.

Is the strongest machine always the most productive?

No, not always. Even if you make a saw cut five minutes faster with a stronger machine, a smaller machine is still more productive if it takes 15 minutes less to transport and set up. This is the Husqvarna way of thinking, to make the whole working day as productive as possible for our customers.

All Husqvarna products are effective and ergonomic to use, and of course it should also be easy to get help with service and repairs. Therefore we will continue to expand our network of Husqvarna customer support and service centers. Read more about this and many other things in our Product news and Product list 2015.