This is Husqvarna.

We have the market’s most extensive, innovative and powerful range of machinery and tools for the construction and stone industries. Through our sales companies and retailers you can be confident you're getting products, service and support that suit you.

To stay in the lead, we’re investing more resources than ever into product development. Our ambition is to continue developing intelligent, cutting-edge solutions that combine high professional performance, making work easier, more productive and rewarding for our users.

All successful product development must be user-focussed. That’s why we always have always worked closely together with professional users in all development. Our customer’s needs and preferences inspire us to create new solutions for even more efficient and convenient work. Here are some recent examples of our innovative thinking from recent years.

X-Torq engine technology.

This revolutionary technology developed for two-stroke engines delivers more power, while cutting fuel consumption by up to 20 % and emissions by up to 75 % (compared to similar, traditional engine technology). Good for the environment as well as the user.

DEX dust management system.

This system consists of solutions for both dry and wet cutting. The K 3000 Vac power cutter has a vacuum unit for dry cutting. Most of our other cutters have water-saving wet cutting kit that efficiently binds the dust. All these solutions result in clean cutting with a minimum of dust, water usage and slurry.

Focus on ergonomics.

Our machines are not just extremely powerful and efficient. They are also easy to use, have low vibration levels, ergonomic handles and well-positioned controls. All of this creates the right conditions for comfortable and productive work.