Forest tools

Clearing axe and knife

  • Clearing axe

    Clearing axe

    With hickory shaft and replaceable blade on both faces.

  • Clearing knife

    Clearing knife

    The Clearing knife has a hardened special steel blade and a ...

Breaking bars



  • Strap, 5m

    Strap, 5m

    5m, 500kg with safety winch and hook.

  • Strap, 8m

    Strap, 8m

    8m, 5000kg with safety winch and hook.

  • Turning strap

    Turning strap

    For moving/turning jammed trees, use together with lifting h...

Tool belt

Tape measure

  • Measuring tape

    Measuring tape

    A unique construction gives this measure tape low weight and...


  • Carpenter's axe

    Carpenter's axe

    The Carpenter's axe is best suited for carpentry and other w...

  • Hatchet


    The cutting edge of the Hatchet is convex and slightly widen...