Protective equipment and clothes with a high level of protection to withstand demanding conditions.

We are proud of our leading edge protective equipment and clothes with its intelligent design, high level of protection, and comfort it provides. Also, putting a lot of effort into making our protective equipment and clothing makes them as comfortable and ergonomic as possible, so that you can use them with superb freedom of movement and with maximum efficiency. No protection in the world can replace knowledge and judgement, but it certainly can complement and improve safety. The aim is to combine effective saw protection for modern high-speed chain saws with low weight and good ventilation. Our new range of protective clothing meets the requirements of Class 1 (chain speeds up to 20 m/s) and Class 2 (chain speeds up to 24 m/s).

Good protective equipment must withstand the wear inflicted by long shifts and demanding conditions. The fit and the protective qualities of protective clothing must be retained after it has been used, washed and cleaned. That’s why we use nothing but high-quality materials.