Make sure you get what you see

There are people who are trying to benefit from our strong brand and our good reputation by making and selling fake Husqvarna products, for the most part chainsaws, but also accessories, oils and clothes. Some copies are confusingly similar to our products.

This doesn’t only damage us, fake products can also be dangerous for the person who uses them, as they often lack the robust design, performance and safety characteristics of a genuine Husqvarna product. Also, it can be difficult to get spare parts and proper service for a counterfeit chainsaw since our warranty system does not apply to counterfeit products.

A chainsaw from Husqvarna® is an efficient and reliable forestry tool. Fifty years of continual development and close cooperation with demanding customers from all over the world have led to our leading position. A chainsaw from Husqvarna is equipped with safety features like inertia-activated chain brake, chain catcher, right hand guard, throttle lock, easy-access stop button and ergonomic solutions like Low Vib® and an angled front handle.

If you want to get a genuine Husqvarna product, please always pay attention to place of sale, appearance, price and quality of the product.

By going to an authorised dealer you will always get a genuine Husqvarna product, as well as professional service, support, valid warranty and the right spare parts for your product.

So there are many good reasons for buying an original product from Husqvarna.

Please fill in this form to tell us of a product you suspect or know to be a counterfeit Husqvarna product. We appreciate all kinds of information that helps us combat the counterfeit industry.

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