Installation films

To see how to install Automower®, take a look at these movies. (You need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to view the installation films.)


Before Automower® can be started, the charging station and the boundary wire must be installed and the mower must be linked to the charging station. These movies provide a quick step-by-step guide to installing Automower®. You can watch each step by clicking the play icon and then using the movie controls.

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STEP 1 - Placing and connecting the charging station

Place the charging station on level ground centrally in the main area with a large free area in front of it, and tap the pegs through the holes in the base plate to secure it to the ground. Connect the low voltage cable to the charging station and the transformer, and connect the transformer´s power cord to a 230 V wall socket.

STEP 3 - Cutting heights and mower settings

To adjust the cutting height, open the lid of the Automower® and turn the knob to the required position and close the lid. On the top of the Automower® there is a control panel under a flap. All mower settings such as operating times, PIN code, movement patterns etc can be managed via the main and submenu functions. Complete menu functions can be found on the user manual that you can download from this site.

STEP 5 - Automatic recharging

Automower® will recharge itself by docking into its charging station. This happens when the power levels of the battery becomes too low. The charging station sends out a signal that Automower® can sense at a distance of between 6-8 meters. When the mower seeks out its charging station, it reserves its power supply by ceasing to mow. It normally finds the charging station within a few minutes.

Installing Automower® 305

To see how to install Automower®305, take a look at these movies. You need to have Adobe Flash player on your computer to view the installation films.


The following movies explain the installation process of Automower®305 from placing the charging station to maintenance.

The films are made in the following categories to facilitate your sourcing conveniency:
• The “full-length” movie shows each step of the installation and start of the product.
• The “Step 1-5” movies enable you to directly choose one specific topic.
• The maintenance videos highlights the importance of the ‘how-to’ service Automower®305

You may watch each movie by clicking the play icon and then using the movie controls.

STEP 1 - Placing the charging station

You will feel like an engineer watching this easy-to-follow guide of how to place the charging station.

STEP 3 - Laying the guide wire

Ever wonder how the automower takes itself back to the charging station? Click on this movie and you will have the answer!

STEP 5 - Starting Automower 305

Enjoy the fruit of your work! Feel the joy while watching the start of Automower®305.

General Maintenance Videos

General Maintenance 1 - Replacing cutting blades

When the cutting blades are blunt and require replacement, this is the movie you need to watch!